Homage To The Square Wave

by eleh



Early Eleh release created using only square waves and released on the Taiga label in a limited edition. Subsequently released on CD via Important.

From Taiga:

Homage is dedicated to the highly influential artist Josef Albers. Eleh return with their battery of vintage modular analog gear to produce a recording of pure tone, pure sound, pure volume and pure analog.

Side A features “Black,” a slowly enveloping mass of intensely throbbing low end, activating the flight response. Times passes rapidly in a hallucinatory forest filled with suffocating bulbs of bass. “Blue & White” on the B-side provides the decompression of rocking on a calm ocean. Soft peaks of warm tone rise and fall over the surface of concentrated
saline. Volume reveals detail.


released July 18, 2008



all rights reserved



"Eleh's music electrifies whatever space it engages. With the flip of a switch, it exposes the ways in which all space is, potentially, electric." Frieze

"Nuances of sound turn symphonic." New York Times

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